Equality, Environment, & The New Economy

5th Anniversary | Celebrate difference at the "un-conference"
MARCH 9-11 & 24 2020

The Energy 2.0 Forum is a One-of-a-Kind Experience

Diverse hands coming together for the Energy 2.0 unconference, formerly HERWorld

The Energy 2.0 Forum is an innovative experience that addresses new frontiers in the energy industry where business, workforce, environment, innovation, and policy intersect. Powered by creative disruptor, Pink Petro, our forums are hybrid in-person, digital simulcasted experiences built on a firm belief that energy education is changing and needs to be accessible to everyone, everywhere in classrooms, the field, office, and the C-Suite.  Pink Petro corporate members can stream complimentary worldwide. We are proud to boast the contribution of women and minorities in energy. Seeing is believing. For us it’s not about talking about diversity, it’s about socializing energy by tapping the diverse faces, voices, and ideas.  Have an idea for a session or speaker?  Contact us.   


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About our community

75,000 + viewers, 40 watch sites globally
We've got something for everyone. Board Leaders, C-Suite, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, new graduates and students. We harness the power of social media, digital, shape conversations and inspire action.
99% of our audience are influencers. (Enough said.)
Our community reaches all facets of energy: oil and natural gas, power and utilities, wind, solar, nuclear and the services and supply industries.

Our commitment to sustainability 

Pink Petro is proud to celebrate 5 years in 2020.  Our commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever.  We’ve aligned our programming with 5 of the 17 United Nations sustainability goals.  A portion of the proceeds from Energy 2.0 is given to Terrapass to give back to reforestation projects globally.  When you invest in Pink Petro, you are supporting a 100% women owned enterprise that supports these goals, sources locally and encourages a diverse supply chain.